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Name:  Brian Gaskill
Birthplace:  Honolulu, Hawaii
Birthday:  January 22nd
Height:  6'
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Hazel-Green

   Brian Gaskill is a wonderful actor and I was so happy to see him return to the soap world.  Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Brian moved to New Jersey when he was just three months old.  All through his early years, Brian enjoyed films and theater, and yearned to be an animator for Walt Disney Studios.  Brian decided to pursue acting after developing a taste for it when he appeared in many high school productions.  He received a Bachelor's degree in theater from The Acting Conservatory at the State University of New York at Purchase, New York.
   Brian went on to star in "The Lion In Winter" at the Cleveland Playhouse; and less than a year later, auditioned for and received a starring role on "Models, Inc."  He also played the role of Bobby Warner on All My Children from 1995 to July 1997.